About us

The men behind the trap

Steen Schock and Henrik Bjørner Søe.

We, Steen and Henrik, have known each other for 40 years. We were scouts together in Hvidovre, a suburb just south of Copenhagen, and have since stayed fast friends. We now both live in different suburbs to the north of Copenhagen.

The idea behind the trap

Back in 2007 we both had an awful lot of slugs in
our gardens. We wanted to tackle the problem, but found it unpleasant fighting the slugs with boiling water or recycled slimy traps, and we found it environmentally wrong to fill our gardens, slugs or other animals with harmfull poison. We thus had to come up with an alternative solution.

We therefore began to devise our own trap for killer slugs. Our requirement was that we wanted to avoid touching the trap and slugs, once the trap had been set out. Our resulting invention was a hygenic and easy-to-use disposible trap to combat slugs. All that was required in addition to the trap was a lure, and a stick.

When the trap has been filled with slugs, it is tilted with a stick so that the bait runs out. You can with the same stick lift the trap into the trash without coming into contact with the slimy slugs.

When a problem is discovered and tackled with ingenuity and perseverance, it can sprout great ideas. Perhabs it was the many challenges we solved together as scouts, that allowed this exciting project to come to fruition.

We have succeeded in developing a product that meets our own requirements to combat slugs. The trap has helped both of us to effectively combat the slugs in our gardens. We have named the trap, "The NoSlug trap".

We hope that you will find our slugs trap beneficial, and that your gardens can yet be slug free.


Steen and Henrik