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Why use Amazon.co.uk and not this site?

To give the fastest delivery and same price to you, we now sell on Amazon, and we therefore recomment that you use this link to buy our products



What is the best bait?

Beer is an excellent bait, you can mix it with water in the ratio 1:1. A common beer of 33 cl (11-12 ounces) works out to two traps.
Malt is also effective, cheaper, and you can buy it through our webshop.

Read more about baiting the trap here.


Why are you selling the traps in 20 pieces, 40 pieces and 80 pieces?

The traps are sent by post with Post Denmark and we have optimized the package sizes for Post Danmark's weight limits. This way you get the most for your money. Buy traps.

Why not buy recyclable traps instead of disposable traps?

If you want to avoid touching the slugs, then a disposable trap is the way to go. The noslug trap is specifically designed so that you may avoid touching the slugs. Moreover it allows you to empty the trap of lure without the slugs falling out, and without you coming into contact with the slugs. Read more about the trap.

How do I place the trap?

The trap is most effective when the slugs are active – I.e. when the weather is wet and humid, when dew falls, and at night.

Place the trap on the ground on a flat and shady place.

Position the trap a bit away from the plants that slugs like eating, so as to lure them away from what you want to protect. 

How much space does one trap cover?

A trap can usually cover about 75 m2. This means that traps may be placed with about 9 meters distance from each other.

Is it normal that some slugs crawl out of the trap again?

It is very normal that the slugs crawl on both the outside and inside of the trap. As you can see in our movies on NoSlug.com and on Facebook, slugs crawl both in and out of the trap. A majority of the slugs will however remain in the trap.


I have experienced a trap tipping - what do I do ?


This may be due to strong winds or a bird or an animal tilting trap. You can secure the trap with two sticks that you stick in the ground, or you can put a small piece bird netting over the trap and secure it with a few stones.



If you have any other questions, please contact us at info@noslug.com