Itís so easy

It is easy to use the trap


Watch the video, it´s super easy


Killer slugs are attracted to the bait, that you have poured into the trap. When the slugs slime their way into the trap they drown in the bait, and you can throw the trap full of the dead slugs out. Beyond being effective, the advantage of this trap is it’s disposability. You do not have to touch the slugs, which in addition to being slimy can be infected with salmonella.


Using the trap

Here you can see how easy it is to use the trap: 

3 dl of beer in each trap
Fold the trap out and pour 3 dl (half a pint) bait into each trap.   

When the trap is filled with snails, tip it on its side. The liquid runs out through the little hole
Place the trap in a shady place and leave it for 2-3 days. 

Carry the trap to the trash
When the trap is filled with slugs, tilt it on its side with a stick - so that the liquid can drain out.  

Take the trap with the dead slugs, and toss it in the bin.  


Positioning the trap

• The trap is most effective when the slugs are active – I.e. when the weather is wet and humid, when dew falls, and at night.

• Place the trap on the ground on a flat and shady place.

• Position the trap a bit away from the plants that slugs like eating, so as to lure them away from what you want to protect. 

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It is the bait that lures the killer slugs into the traps. You can use different types of bait for the noslug trap, but we recommend two types of bait that work quite effectively. For each trap, use about 3 dl (half a pint).



Beer is an effective and simple bait. Use a regular lager/pilsner. You may mix the beer with water in the ratio 1:1. This mixture works out to 1 beer for 2 traps.


Malt and denatured alcohol

A mixture of malt and denatured alcohol works effectively as a lure. Mix about 30 gr (1 ounce) malt with 1 liter (quarter gallon) of water, and 3 caps of denatured alcohol. This mixture works out to a set of three slug traps.