Who buys NoSlug traps in December?

This is what Rose Jeach wrote in Feb 2016

Hi Henrik,
Thank you for your interest - I think your NoSlug idea is brilliant!  I have been preparing a 25 metre growing site for vegetables on a community Parish allotment.  I planted some Cavalo Nero kale in the autumn and the slugs would not leave them alone!  Also they were trying to eat my bearded iris rhyzomes.  I initially bought 20 of your slug traps to try and they were so good I ordered 40 for use in the spring.  So I guess the main reason for ordering in December was that I like to get organised ahead of time.  I first saw your product online when I visited another garden website but I cannot remember what this was.  Hope this helps.  I am doing some word-of-mouth marketing for you as I tell everyone in the village how good your product is.  I expect a few other allotment holders here in Chagford, Devon (UK) will order in the spring.  Please keep developing innovative garden products - they are much appreciated.
Best wishes,
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Date : 31/01/16 - 13:50 (GMTST)
Subject : A question from NoSlug - Denmark
Dear Rose Leach
Sorry to disturb, but we always try to learn from our customers. 
You was so kind to place a order at our NoSlug website in December 2015, Thanks!
December is normally a very silent month for us, and we have very few customers during winter – and make NO marketing during winter. Therefore we are really curious to undestand, why you buy this product during winter time and how you have learned about our product.